Issue #3

(Mar. 2016)

Exile in the diaspora could be a theme for this issue of Jazz in the Islands. We feature four musicians from Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba, Grenada and Curaçao who do not reside on these islands, but in metropolitan centres that provide them with work and some success. Importantly, the Caribbean is losing musicians as our economies are not sustaining careers. Exile means access, it means travelling. The return is for inspiration. And we re-chart a seminal album's recording by another musician who almost made that life shift from local to international.


  • Alexis Baro reveals his Guilty Pleasure on disc: Toronto-based Cuban trumpeter has a new album and looks back on his recording career.
  • Leon Foster Thomas: Based in Florida, Leon Foster Thomas is pushing the jazz fusion envelope with the steelpan as a lead instrument.
  • Jazz Artists on the Greens Souvenir Programme: 12 March 2016,Trinidad.The premier Caribbean Jazz event in Trinidad and Tobago is here once again. Read the programme in this issue.
  • Side By Side - Eddie Bullen and Randal Corsen: Side by Side. Pianists from Grenada and Curaçao respectively, representing Caribbean Jazz in the diaspora.
  • Making the Album: Heaven: Michael Boothman recounts the creation of this seminal Caribbean Jazz album on the Tabu label in the 1970s. Behind the scenes at a major label.