Issue #4

(Sep. 2016)

Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA is a mecca for music students world over. A few Caribbean musicians have ventured there to improve their skills and theoretical knowledge. Caribbean jazz is better for the fact of a new cadre of musicians who can and do play their instruments at a level that is recognised globally. Ron Reid is a pioneer who went there and is now teaching there, and in turn produces a cadre of artists that benefits the genre. We are looking at a new era of calypso jazz with new recordings and now new musicians.


  • Ron Reid: Precious Metals and Afro-Caribbean Jazz: Boston-based Trinidadian multi-instrumentalist revels in the debut of his new album and looks forward to the evolution of calypso jazz.
  • 'Boo' Hinkson: St. Lucia's jazz ambassador continues to represent the Caribbean jazz scene all over the world.
  • RON REID Precious Metals Souvenir Programme: 21 August 2016, Trinidad. The album launch concert featuring new calypso jazz by the Boston-based multi-instrumentalist.
  • Elan Trotman: Bajan saxophonist adds a hint of tropicality to smooth jazz.
  • A Good Year for New Music: 2016 provided a steady supply of new Caribbean jazz for an audience in need.