Issue #8

Like many thing in the world at March 2020 when the global pandemic was declared, Jazz in the Islands isolated and pivoted. But unlike many other ventures, this magazine is linked to Caribbean jazz festival life and the musicians within. These last three years were devastating to many creators. In 2023, we're back! Festival life resurrected in Barbados, French Guiana, Martinique, Cuba and Haiti. And into 2023, Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia, Dominica are set to relaunch their jazz festivals. Resilience is a Caribbean hallmark and we are here to document it all.


  • Andy Narell: Steelpan jazz innovator and iconoclast. An American in Paradise, revisited. Steelpan jazz musician pushes the envelope on the sound and music of the steelpan and steelband, and its global spread.
  • Adan Hagley: Insomnia. This young jazz lion's debut album, Insomnia, is reviewed for influences.
  • Souvenir Programme for Jazz Artists on the Greens™ 2023: A 18th Edition in Trinidad.
  • Tony Chasseur is Kréyol Djaz. Martiniquan chanteur and producer making Créole jazz hip in the world
  • PAPJazz Haïti: COVID-19 Survivor. The outlier in the pandemic jazz season of 2021. Live, hybrid, alive, homegrown.
  • ... and More