Issue #7

(Apr. 2019)

A new year, an old trick. In our island space, this music we call jazz is given a new life by a new generation of players who have a broader perspective. The benefits of diaspora living, maybe. Ironically, however, the technology of the 20th century is back to satisfy the audiophiles who insist that digital technology is cold and clinical, and the pops and clicks of vinyl are the preferred way to hear modern music. It may just be a collector's lucky time to be alive, but archivists and artists are putting their new music on vinyl to an ever increasing global demand. It may be our time now too.


  • Janysett McPherson. A Guantanamera on the Côte d'Azur. A Cuban in the south of France has the press accolades pouring in. What is the magic, her voice or her virtuoso piano playing? Another perspective on Latin Jazz.
  • Mark Cherrie Quartet: A new repertoire for pan is explored on the new UK jazz album, Joining the Dots.
  • Souvenir Programme for Jazz Artists on the Greens™ 2018: A 17th Edition in Trinidad.
  • Clive Zanda Is Here: Liner Notes. The album that was the proof of concept of kaisojazz is reissued in 2017 with an essay.
  • Re-imagining Recollected Memories: A contemplation of the new Etienne Charles jazz album, Carnival: The Sound of a People, an identification of a heritage that sustains.