Issue #6

(Mar. 2018)

In our continuing efforts to eke out a living in a landscape without borders where the traveling musician can now reside in two countries, we are at the behest of forces beyond the music. That "adjunct to tourism" as described by Derek Walcott, that creative enterprise, that music celebration is warped by our desire to please an outside audience. Caribbean jazz festivals are now awakening to the idea that home is where the heart is in their revamping of old models of engagement. The native is no longer tropical, but international.


  • Elan Trotman is Here; Caribbean smooth moves to Electro Sax: Boston-based Bajan saxophonist moves from Tropicality towards a new sound based on electronics, but his heart remains grounded in his Caribbean soul.
  • Richard Bailey: Caribbean jazz music in the UK, from Batti Mamzelle to Tropical Spring, is his.
  • Jazz Artists on the Greens™ Souvenir Programme. 17 March 2018, Trinidad. The premier Caribbean Jazz event in Trinidad and Tobago is here once again. Read the programme in this issue.
  • André Woodvine: Two albums by this Bajan saxophonist are in for a critical reflection.
  • Ralph MacDonald Remembered: The Trini-American percussionist who gave the world the Magic of the islands. A tribute to a pioneering Caribbean percussionist and composer