Issue #1

(Mar. 2015)

Well, we did it. After many years of gestation, welcome all to the première edition of Jazz in the Islands, a periodical dedicated to compiling and reviewing Caribbean jazz music, musicians, and festivals throughout the islands. I am lucky to be part of an organisation that produces a jazz festival in Trinidad, so this launch coincides with the 2015 Jazz Artists on the Greens festival. Fortuitous, serendipitous, blessed. This is our music. Let's all share in the native rhythms, the found sounds, the improvised joy of Caribbean Jazz.


  • The State of Jazz Festivals in the Caribbean: Where have all the tourists gone? An overview and look at the future of jazz tourism in the islands.
  • Arturo's Art: Q&A with Arturo Tappin. How Bajans can blow horn? From jamming in concert with Luther Vandross to island hopping to every jazz fest.
  • Jazz Artists on the Greens™ Souvenir Programme: 21 March 2015, Trinidad. The premier Caribbean jazz show in Trinidad and Tobago comes around again.
  • Ming's Dynasty: A conversation with the architect of jazz in the 21st century in Trinidad and Tobago, Michael 'Ming' Low Chew Tung.
  • Clive Zanda: Portrait of the calypso jazz pioneer. What is "jazz" in the Caribbean context, and other Zanda-isms.