Issue #2

(Dec. 2015)

We're back after a pause. This second edition coincides with the launch of trumpeter Etienne Charles' new Christmas album in Trinidad. Creole Christmas is his fifth album and points to the kind of output needed for this genre to have legs in the world. In the interim, there has been a smattering of new releases. Jazz in the Islands talks to Rudy Smith to get a handle on his long career as a recording artist playing jazz on the steelpan. A side-by-side commentary of St. Lucia's and Tobago's jazz events is noted. Here's looking to number three.


  • Etienne Charles moves beyond his creole soul. The award winning trumpeter has secured a place for himself in the jazz fraternity here in the Caribbean and in the world with a sound that has gone beyond.
  • Brother Jacques: Vodou, Gwo Ka and creole spirits from Guadeloupe. Saxophonist Jacques Schwarz-Bart lays out his plans for recharting his music in the context of the Caribbean where he lives in his spirit.
  • Creole Christmas Souvenir Programme. 29 November 2015, Trinidad. The concert and album celebration featuring jazz and folk musicans from around the globe.
  • Rudy 'Two Left' Smith: 'Two Left' and the invasion of Europe with jazz and steelpan. An overview with this pioneering musician and recording artist.
  • A Tale of Two Island Jazz Cities: Pigeon Island, Saint Lucia and Pigeon Point, Tobago. Side by side, we listen.